Jails And Prison Comparison

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Jails and Prison Comparison Paper Miguel Rodriguez CJA/234 6/3/2014 University of Phoenix Jails and Prison Comparison Paper History of State and Federal Prisons State and federal facilities have been around for hundreds of years. Around the Colonial period, America would punish offenders with harsh punishments like, being humiliated in public, being tortured and with corporal punishment. In the United States individuals who are offenders are kept in state facilities in the country. Compared to federal prison state facilities are small so state facilities deal with offenders who have used drugs, who have committed a sex offense, and a habitual offense. State prisons now were found on the 19 century penitentiary, which was on reforms…show more content…
First, would be people in the United States understanding of crime. As our society alters even the laws governing along with crime changes and particular crimes and how to handle criminals. Second, in result of letting out rebuild or unsatisfactory rehab inmates to the society that will end up back incarcerated again. One big fact is lapse. This is why these criminals have one thing they are good at is crime and no matter what you try to do with them they will always violate the laws because their mentality is set forth for breaking the law. If the justice system reviews the procedures in court and the correctional system, prisons and inmates will have substantial growth and will no matter what accommodate the numerous number of criminals. To diminish the lapse rate, the facilities with problems with anger, the abuse of drugs, and the programs with psycho behavior will have to hang up the programs. Known as the blue collar criminals these individuals belong with the state and white collar criminals are known to be criminals that are in federal prisons. So as you can see the state and federal prisons are very different and you get a broad idea that state facilities are that of holding individuals for a little period of time for being incarcerated or as a detention facility. The much higher felonies individuals will commit will end up in the federal prisons. Another part of growth in our jails today would be the Juvenile crimes. These crimes are that if a juvenile is considered to be an adult this is where the growth happens in prisons. Another type of growth occurring is of the female incarceration. In the year 1977 through 2004 females that were being incarcerated had a growth of seven hundred and fifty seven percent. So as you can see growth with women is proof that our prisons are getting overloaded with inmates but women really share the
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