Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper

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Court History and Purpose Paper Ora Howe CJA/224 February 4, 2013 Mr. Barry Preston Court History and Purpose Paper When it comes to examining and evaluating the American Criminal Court system; one must pay close attention to the aptitudes and shills, however, are referred to as minimum skills, essential functions or technical requirements. These skills include developing communication skills which are a major factor of court history, purpose, and credentials; acquiring fundamental knowledge, integrating knowledge to establish clinical judgment; interpreting data, and developing appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors. Also there are five areas that an essential function identifies core skills and attributes. These essential functions were adopted in 2007 by the Council on Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Journal of Allied Health, 2010). The five areas are intellectual cognitive, motor, communication, sensory/observational, and behavioral/social. First of all when it comes to the evaluation of student achievement and success throughout medical schools that engages a variety of measures of knowledge, behaviors, skills, and attitudes that students are expected to examine and exhibit evidence of their success and achievement. While focusing on these areas there are concerns about the knowledge of the principal of fairness that involves attitudes, behaviors, and misconduct. This principle requires that professions of audiology and speech – language pathology includes all academically qualified individuals in the competitive process toward graduation, ultimate credentialing, and process of graduate school placements (Journal of Allied Health, 2010). To articulate both academic standards and essential functions so that only individuals demonstrating the stated knowledge and functions enter the professions as they

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