Jail and Prison Comparison

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Jails and Prison Comparison October 19, 2013 CJA/ 234 Introduction The criminal justice system is a very complex system and if you don’t understand it you won’t know how it operates. Let’s take a walk through the criminal justice system by showing some distinct differences between jails and prison on a state and federal level. I would also like to make some comparisons and explore some influencing factors in growth in regards to jails and prisons. Safety in our society is one of the most leading issues to date without our correctional system victims would still live in fear and the criminal would go unpunished. The correctional system helps both the victim and the criminal to move forward. Jails place in Corrections Have you ever watched one of those medieval movies where the King orders a wrongdoer to be locked in the dungeon? In the dungeon they are tortured and mistreated. They are forced to live in the most inhumane conditions known to man they look sick, hungry, and very dirty. This was the prison system in the 1700’s. Prisoners were punished by beheading, hung, whipped, and stoned. In the late 1700’s, Benjamin Henry Latrobe built the Walnut Street Jail it was used to reform prisoners instead of harsh punishment (Goodban, 2006). Prisoners received the bare necessities to sit, sleep, and eat were their only luxuries. When the death penalty was no more the jail suffered overcrowding which led to riots, escapes, and prison guards were attacked. The Pennsylvania Prison Society and the Philadelphia Society for Alluarting Misers of Public Prisons stepped in to solve the overcrowding issue by building Pittsburgh Western Penitentiary and Cherry Hill Prison. Today there are 1,200 prisons in the United States and overcrowding is still an issue. Lawmakers believe in three main goals of the correctional system: 1. Punish those who are found guilty of the

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