Jade Peony Hero Wheel Essay

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In literature, the search for clarity, trust and power are among the most powerful tools fictional characters are fueled by. In the novel, The Jade Peony, Wayson Choy uses components of each to develop the narrator of part one. Jook-Liang begins the hero wheel by the trustworthy characteristics that describe her as an orphan. The hero’s journey continues to develop as she discovers clarity qualities. Finally, Jook-Liang develops warrior like qualities. All three of these archetypes develop who Jook-Liang is. In The Jade Peony, the narrator of part one Jook-Liang, her journey begins with wanderer type qualities. Jook-Liang is the only girl child in the family and coming from a Chinese-Canadian family, girls are considered useless. They are not accepted into the community and not giving the respect males get. “A girl-child is mo yung – useless,” (p.32). For this reason, Jook-Liang is lacking the attention that every little girl should have. This archetype is evident in showing that Jook-Liang is feeling isolation. She is never receiving any attention as her grandmother will not provide her with any attention because she is born into the Chinese family and because Jook-Liang’s brother is always sick. The orphan archetype is another section of the hero wheel that the narrator of Choy’s The Jade Peony part one moves through. Jook-Liang the only female of the family, finds herself in a dilemma when she is lacking the attention from her family, especially her grandmother, Poh-Poh. Poh-Poh is always found taking care of Jook-Liang’s brother as he is constantly battling illnesses. For this reason, Jook-Liang finds herself being jealous as her brother steels her attention. “Baby Brother was sick again. Always sick. Always getting all the attention,” (p.31). Jook-Liang masks her jealousy of her brother’s attention from Poh-Poh with her “addiction” to being with her new

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