Jacobo Arbenz Why Do We Fight

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Why Do We Fight? The United States government has by force overthrown, and even attempted to overthrow, foreign governments who seemed hostile towards the U.S. government, and replaced them with new governments. This process is known as regime change. Governments that were targeted by the U.S. have included democratically-elected governments. In some cases dictatorships have been replaced by democracies. But, in other cases democracies have been replaced by dictatorships. According to dictionary.com regime change may replace all or part of the state's existing bureaucracy. Regime change can be done by the conquest of foreign power, revolt, coup d'état, and other, often illegal, activities that are performed by the Central Intelligence Agency…show more content…
Arbenz was not a communist but some of his close allies were. Arbenz's government put out a number of new policies, such as taking away unused, unfarmed land that private corporations set aside long ago and giving the land to peasants. This led CIA director Allen Dulles to fear that Guatemala would become a "Soviet beachhead in the western hemisphere." Dulles concerns went into the ears of the CIA and Eisenhower’s administration. He feared of McCarthyism. Arbenz started land reform acts that upset the United Fruit Company which lead U.S. to take action against Arbenz. Both Dulles and his brother were shareholders of United Fruit Company. The operation, known by the code name Operation PBSUCCESS, lasted from late 1953 to 1954. The CIA equipped and trained more then 400 men fight under the command of Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas, and these men were also used for propaganda campaigns. They even created a Voice of Liberation radio station which would inform its listeners how the government is disloyal and can’t be trusted. The operation successfully ended leading Arbenz's to resign from office. The "Ten Years of Spring," is referred to the decade of dramatic social, economic, and political change that had occurred in Guatemala. This question has been asked many times “Why Do We Fight?” I honestly don’t think there is one single answer to this question because every single fight has its own reason and why it has occurred. The main reason I believe is to make a statement and prove to others that if one has crossed its lines then actions will take place in order to set things back to the way it is. A fight can also occur when two different people, countries, organizations, groups, etc. don’t see eye to
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