Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

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Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival There many different types of festivals these days including music, art, many other attractions. When it comes to dance, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival is one of the most popular throughout the world. People from all around the globe go to Jacob’s Pillow to perform, as well as for entertainment. For the last 80 years, there has been an annual dance festival at Jacob’s Pillow, with the most recent event attraction near 90,000 visitors. Even though Jacob’s Pillow has been around for nearly a decade, the story of how it was founded goes even further back. The history of Jacob’s Pillow starts in the 1700’s, when the Carter family owned a farm in New England. On this farm, there was a large pillow-like looking rock which the Carter family eventually named Jacob’s Pillow. It is said that Jacob’s Pillow is named after the biblical character named Jacob, who at one point in the bible lays his head on a rock and dreams of a ladder to heaven. The name and the Jacob story also relate to a road in the area, which was previously named Jacob’s Ladder. Later in the 1800’s, Jacob’s Pillow gained some relevance in American history by being a stop in the Underground Railroad for slaves escaping the South. In 1931, the farm was purchased a place for retreat by a man named Ted Shawn. Ted’s dream was to have dancing as a career become honorable for men in America. He started this by recruiting eight men for his dance team. Throughout the course of these mens’ 7 year tenure as a dance team, they challenged the image of men in dance by becoming very strong and muscular looking. This new image of dancing brought much attention to the squad and Jacob’s Pillow. By the time the group disbanded for the war in 1940, Jacob’s Pillow expanded its dance programs to be more suitable for other artists and styles. In 1940, Shawn leased Jacob’s Pillow for its first

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