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His 109 Sec. 007 5 February 2013 Response Paper: How the Other Half Lives Prompt 2 Jacob Riis’s book, How the other half lives, really puts the readers back in the mid-late 1800’s to experience the rough life style of the people living in New York City tenements. The tenements started out as modest homes for the nobles in the earlier days of New York. After the aristocracy moved out of the tenements, the industrious poor started to move in. The change of tenements in New York City was described in the book by, “Their large rooms were partitioned into several smaller ones, without regard to light or ventilation, the rate of rent being lower in proportion to space or height from the street; and they soon became filled from cellar to garret…show more content…
First of all the government is partly to blame because there should have been laws on building codes, having them checked thoroughly during the construction of the tenements. The tenements need the necessary light and air ventilation for people to live in. There also needed to be more room for the tenant’s living space. There should have been a minimum square footage area that landlords could sell to tenants. The government should have made and enforced more laws to better the New York tenements. Another place the blame lies is with the landlords. As mentioned in the second paragraph, the landlords did not care about the living conditions of their tenants; they just wanted to make money. The landlords should have tried their best to remodel and upkeep the tenements to ensure healthy living conditions. According to Riis, there are three effective ways of dealing with the tenements in New York: By law, by remodeling and making the most out of the old houses, and by building new, model tenements. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Jacob A. Riis, How the Other Half Lives: Studies among the Tenements of New York, With Related Documents, ed. David Leviatin (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011), 63. [ 2 ]. Riis, How the Other Half Lives, 64. [ 3 ]. Riis, How the Other Half Lives, 69. [ 4 ]. Riis, How the Other Half Lives,
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