Jackie Robinson's Journey To Equality

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Jackie Robinson was an inspiration to all. From growing up without a father, to being discriminated from everything because of his race. Having so many obstacles in life, he managed to get through it all and break the colored barrier to all sports. Setting a path for all African Americans to have a hope and freedom to equality. Jackie Robinson was born January 31, 1919. He attended John Muir Technical High. He attended UCLA for college and was the first person ever to letter in four sports, football, basketball, baseball and track, becoming the champion in NCAA in 1940. The college offered financial support so he could stay but he couldn’t due to the fact that he was not physically able to continue. Prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Jackie played for the Honolulu Bears. Coincidently, the boat he traveled on to return to California was bombed two days after his arrival to see his fiance and mother. After returning to California, he signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers and his first game was April 15, 1947. During that game Jackie scored the winning run after he reached base on a bunt and the final score was 5-3. Jackie’s career in Baseball lasted only 9 years from 1947-1956.…show more content…
He had paper route, he cut lawns and ran errands for people. Whenever he had time on his hands, he would steal from stores, mostly food. He was also a part of a gang. They were called, “Pepper street gang. “ It only consisted of black, Japanese and Mexicans. All of the kids came from poor

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