Jackie Robinson's Influence On Modern Day Sports

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Jackie Robinson On April 9th 1947 there was a breakthrough in modern day sports. This event not only changed the sports world but help change American history in 1947 and still today. When Jackie Robinson signed a major league contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 he began the change for African-American people in sports and the world. Jackie is one of the most influential people in American history. Just by playing baseball with all white people he changed the world forever. The decade of race relations in America was exemplified by what Jackie Robinson was called on to do in the name of Patriotism. (Smith, 51) When Jackie Robinson broke into the Major Leagues in 1947 it wasn’t just some publicity…show more content…
The game has done so much in the rememberance of Jackie Robinson. They retired his number, teams name part of there ballpark after him, and every April 9th look back and reflect on what he did and honor him by wearing his numbr 42 just for that day. What Jackie did for the game of baseball and for mordern day life is what has made him a hero to many and why most people believe he is one of the greatest men to ever live. History thanks Jackie Robinson for everything he did in his day. Jackie Robinson breakthrough into baseball gave way to such events as basketball accepting there first African-American player in Charles Cooper, Althea Gibson was the first African-American women to compete in a national tennis tournament, and Willie Mays won Male Athlere of The Year. (Smith, 51) Without Jackie Robinson these events never would of taken place in the 1950’s.. If he didn’t break the color barrier in 1947 who knows how long it would of took for the first African-American athlete to play in any major sport. The decade of race relations in America was exemplified by what
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