Jackie Robinson: Old Abc-Ability, Breaks And Courage

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Jackie Robinson By Max Parker “Success is that old abc-ability, breaks and courage”. This means that talent, opportunity and determination create success. this quote by Charles luckman relates to the life of Jackie Robinson . Jackie Robinson was always good at sports. When Robinson was young he was in a gang but he was given the chance to make something of himself. Robinson was never afraid to fight for what he believed in. these traits enabled Robinson to earn respect on his own and throughout his life, he achieved all of his goals because he would never give up. Jackie Robinson was born on January 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. He was the youngest of the five children of jerry and mallie Robinson. Robinson’s father…show more content…
army. Robinson applied for admission into the U.S. officer’s candidate school along with many other African Americans draftees. Each one including Robinson was denied admission due to their race. Another famous African American sport legend named Joe Frasier, was very influential to Jackie Robinson and helped Robinson along with other African Americans get admitted to the officer’s school. After some time Robinson was awarded his commission of second lieutenant in January 1945. Still as a second lieutenant he was still faced with racism and discrimination. Robinson dealed with the racism and the discrimination until he left the army in 1944 and went back to Kansas where he joined the Kansas City monarchs as a shortstop for the all black professional baseball team in the “negro leagues”. After only a year of playing for Kansas cit, branch Rickey, the Brooklyn dodger’s general manager, asked Robinson to join the dodgers organization. Robinson accepted the offer and was the first black person to be part of the “baseball great experiment” this experiment was a rest to see if a black player could play well enough to integrate the all white baseball leagues. This test would include the player’s skills, psychological make up and social adjustment. This was 1940’s America, and on most fronts segregation of the races was the way things were. No matter where Robinson Robinson went, weather it’s the army or the major leagues he was
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