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It was my first time going to Jack’s Place which is a restaurant and bar located in Diego Garcia. I have seen Jack’s Place many times heading to work but never stopped by. Jack’s Place was right next to the ocean and it had plenty of things to do there. Jack’s Place is the perfect place to relax and have a great time. It was morning time and the view was astonishing as I walked through the sand to get to Jack’s Place. Once I arrived to Jack’s Place I could smell the ocean breeze and feel the warm sun on my body. It was breakfast time and something about the way the food smelled and looked as I walk by admiring what others had. I glance at the person next to me and see him cutting into a fat and juicy steak with eggs on the side. But the aroma of the chocolate chip pancakes could be tasted a block away. There were not many items to choose from the menu but all of them were made to perfection. The orange juice was freshly squeezed which accompanied my meal perfectly. As time passed the restaurant got pretty crowded so I stood up and walked to the water. There were lounges next to the ocean were I could see people relaxing and catching some sun. Others even brought their breakfast there to eat and admire the ocean view. Some people adored the smell of the ocean with the sound of waves while eating their breakfast. Jack’s Place was the place to be at for a tasteful and relaxing morning breakfast. The midday sun was scorching but that did not bother any of the folks at Jack’s Place. More people started to show up but not for the food, it was for the volleyball game. Everyday right after the lunch hour, crowds of people start getting together to play a few games of volleyball. By the time people were done playing they were drenched in sweat and covered in sand. Instantaneously like on a schedule the crowd runs into the open sea to rinse out. This ocean is not like the

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