Jack Vs. Jess Analysis

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Jack vs. Jess It is hard to say what is more important to me: friends or family, so I try to blend the two the best I can, and my cousin Jess is my best friend in the world, but at times she makes it very hard and reminds me a lot of Jack from The Lord of the Flies. She is similar to Jack in many ways but mainly because she is very bossy and if things aren’t going her way she is going to let you know how unhappy she is. It is not a good idea to get on the wrong side of either Jack or Jess they are both a strong force to be reckoned with. In The Lord of the Flies Jack decides he doesn’t like Ralph and forms his own clan on the island, and frighteningly tries to kill Ralph. I don’t think my cousin would ever try and kill me, but she looks…show more content…
They were having hotdogs for her and I decided it’d be a good time to bring myself into the world and steel her spotlight, and to this day I laugh about it while she gets a little evil eye every time we tell someone. Now we celebrate our birthdays together, and throw big parties for each other. This year, on my 17th birthday, her 22nd a friend of us both took us to the fair. I hurt my knee and had to go home before we got to do all the things we wanted to, and because we rode together and I couldn’t drive she had to leave too. I couldn’t believe after I hurt myself and was almost in tears because of pain she wanted to yell at me and call me names like it was my fault. I was shocked about how selfish and uncaring she was being. She wasn’t at all worried about how I felt or anything to that nature only herself missing out on a few extra hours of good time. This reminds me of Jack because there were times where he didn’t care about the wellbeing of the rest of the group there, he just wanted to hunt and kill. Jack wasn’t into getting saved or keeping safe on the island, he wanted to be in charge and make sure people knew he was boss. Then there was Ralph who let him know otherwise, as I often do for
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