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Barney (Before) Years ago I was living a peaceful life in the Warsaw, the city that was once a landmark in the Eastern Europe. Despite my trouble making ability, I had always lived a righteous and joyful childhood. In my memories there is only laughter and joy. As the time goes by, my maturity grows, but this never made any impact on my happy attitude to life. I found my true love, I found a partner that would go through storm and rain with me It was not long after when I found my first job in the town, I became an apprentice dentist, maybe it is because of my natural talent, I soon possessed the ability to become a full time dentist, soon I did so. Having a job that I could successfully ran and assured our whole living qualities. Rumours of crisis came from miles away; I have a great faith in our country. One day the crisis finally came, a horde of soldiers rushed into the city unexpectedly, it was just when my wife gave birth to my 3rd children. Soon the massacre flourished through the city, the whole city is penetrated with fear, and I could see the crowd running away desperately to strive for the way out of this mist. I soon lost track of my family. I was like all others, trying to find lost families and escape from the crisis, the fear has made everyone’s mind blank, no one knows what to do. The crowd’s noisiness was soon covered by the rhythms of the machine guns. Everyone stopped moving, it was like end of the world. That time miracle happened I was tripped and I fell into a tree hole. I escaped. I woke up uncourteously, it felt like as if I have been slept for years, I looked up, surprisingly I found myself in a ransacked house, as I stood up, my mind cleared, I realised what happened, and I know exactly what happened to my family. I trudged out of the small house, did not even think or realise how I got to this place, I lifted a rock and wacked it

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