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Lang, John Thomas (Jack) JOHN THOMAS LANG (1876-1975), was one the New South Wales’s most love and hate, controversial Premier of all time. His occupations range from a real estate agent to New South Wales Premier in 1925-1927 and 1930-1932. Any study of the Great Depression would be incomplete without analysing Lang’s impact on the government, media and the Australian people. Known as “Jack”, rather than John, he was 21 December 1876 in George Street, Sydney, son of James Henry Lang, watchmaker of Edinburgh, and his wife Mary, née Whelan, of Galway, Ireland. His family was an impoverished Irish and Scottish that had its roots in the Labor politics. At a young age Lang’s father got very ill causing financial turmoil in the family in the mid-1880s forced…show more content…
His black moustache spread as his hair receded, making him more striking in appearance, formidable to men and attractive to women. His auctioneering produced crude but effective public speaking style: rasping voice, snarling mouth, flailing hands, sentences and phrases punctuated by long pauses. Jack Lang was not a punctilious churchgoer, but he was religious and had a good Catholic faith, which, however, he regarded strictly as part of his private life. In 1903 Lang was secretary of the Granville Labor League, in 1906 of the Nepean Federal Council of the party, and in 1913 president of the Granville Electoral Council. He was also secretary of the Newington Progress Association. In 1907-14 he represented Newington Ward on the Auburn council and was mayor in 1909-11. By 1910 W. A. Holman's great organizing was bringing suburban areas within the Labor Party's ambit and, after a conflict with G. Cann over pre-selection had been settled, Lang took the local seat of Granville in 1913.For a while Lang was out of his depth in parliament. He was a good local member, becoming a justice of the peace in

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