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Running head: Jack Johnson Jack Johnson Jack Johnson Jack Johnson, named by some historians as the single most important athlete in modern sports history, was the first black man to win the World Heavyweight Championship. It was not simply his skin color which shattered convention, but also Johnson's brash personality, his willingness to defy tradition and popular opinion to be his own man, and the combination of power and technique which he used to defeat an entire generation of the division's best that made him a figure of incredible historic significance during the early twentieth century (Box Rec, 2014). Jack Johnson, the first black man to win the world heavyweight boxing championship, was born in Galveston on March 31, 1878, of poor, former slaves. He was the second of six children of Henry and Tiny Johnson. He left school after completing fifth grade. Jack Johnson began traveling in South Texas, picking up odd jobs as a porter, barber's helper, dockworker, and general laborer. He began his fighting career as a sparring partner and participated in events known as a battle royal, where black youths, sometimes numbering up to twenty, fought each other and white spectators threw money to the winner. He started fighting in private clubs in the Galveston area, and became a professional prizefighter in 1897.…show more content…
Johnson easily defeats an old and slow Jeffries which set off race riots all over the United States. Johnson faced trouble outside of the ring, continually living his life his way. At a time when people would refuse to serve a black man in certain restaurants; Jack Johnson continued to tour, and sleep, with several different white women. For example: The Everly Club, a Chicago bordello, that was a white-only club fired nine women that worked there for sleeping with Johnson after he was able to finagle his way in and convince these women to leave with

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