Jack Johnson Music Analysis

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Too Busy of a World Often time’s music has lyrics that could be taken in many different ways. In Jack Johnson’s song “Traffic in the Sky,” he uses metaphors to show how our world is to busy to know what is going on and how we have so many options in improving our world but nobody seems to listen. Jack Johnson uses metaphors in these lyrics to explain how our world has many options in improving it. An example would be these lyrics; “Traffic in the sky and it doesn’t seem to be getting much better.”(lines 1 and 2) This lyric could mean many different things. From my interpretation it would mean that our world has become so cluttered it needs a little change. In our world there is so much going on and it’s gotten to the point where it has reached the skies. Everyone needs to be more aware of how much is going on in our world before it gets too cluttered. Another metaphor in this song that explains how our world needs a change in many things is the lyric “Puzzle pieces in the ground but nobody seems to be digging. Instead they’re looking up towards the heavens with their eyes on the heavens.” (lines 20-23) This lyric was put in to be used as a metaphor saying that our world today has many different types of people; most of whom are followers. Everyone in our society has become some much more reliant on everyone else, even when they have ideas of their own. They have so many beneficial ideas when it comes to fixing our world, but nobody takes the time to speak up and/or listen to all of the options. They should just look and find all the “puzzle pieces” which would give them more answers to their problems. Instead we just look around and expect everyone else to do it for us. Jack Johnson is trying to say that we need to be more aware of the things going on around us and to try doing something by ourselves to make a better world. One last example of metaphors used
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