Jack Is Sick Essay

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The ladder came down with an ear-curdling high-pitched screech from the metal scraping against metal. The rusting shiny ladder was like a gateway to me, out of the constantly noisy and crowded house into the quiet and tranquil sanctuary that was my loft. I ascended, and with each rung I climbed, the sharp sounds of my arguing parents got dimmer and dimmer, until I had finally reached the last rung, at which point it was completely diminished. The patches of brown/red rust on the ladder had stained my hands, but I didn’t care, for I had entered my sanctuary, and I was truly at home. There was a damp, ancient smell in the air, and I could barely see through the darkness. I turned on the light, and through the familiar layer of yellow fog, illuminated by the shafts of light peaking out from the one small window to look like a blanket, I could see my world. It had been years since I was up here, and the untouched wonderland wherein I had spent so many years of my life was exactly as I remembered it. I moved over to the small array of cardboard storage boxes to my left, to find the circus, hidden by the layers of dust that caught in my throat. I moved swiftly over to the other side of the room, having to duck my head from the beams across the ceiling that used to be my monkey bars, the room appeared to have shrunk since we moved away. I arrived at another set of boxes, these with a black plastic pipe stretched across them; I had rediscovered the racetrack. I finally moved on to the back of the room, where, hidden in the corner of the room, was the set of chairs, where I used to sit and imagine another scenario, one where I possibly had a brother to play with, or at least some friends, one where I received attention, from someone. I retreated to the middle of the room, taking in the scene around me. I remembered those times where I used to escape up here, a place that was

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