“Jack Gantos Influences”

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Faiso Hersi “Jack Gantos Influences” Everyone has that moment in life when they finally realize what they want to be when they grow up. They either want to be doctors engineers, firemen etc. But all Jack Gantos wanted to be was an author. To have his book published and be inspiration to young adults was all he wanted. But little did he know that he would go to prison for wanting to become a writer. If you were given an opportunity of a lifetime and it was within your grasp, all you had to do was commit a simple task as to transporting some “goods” to the U.S. Would you do it, or would you not. Jack Gantos was a teenager who was dying for a chance to further his education. And with a struggling family in poverty he couldn’t dare ask for tuition for college even if it was his dream. So he followed the wrong crowd of people to make some quick cash. That idea landed him in jail. And gave him an opening for his writing as an aspiring writer. Because of his family, his goals and ambitions, and being poverty stricken influence him to have a bad encounter with the law but that didn’t stop him from where he wanted to go. It just delayed the timing of when he would publish his book. Authors usually say their biggest influences are other authors that they read or their lifestyle growing up but to jack Gantos his biggest influence was his family. His family influence him by moving him to Barbados were English was enforce on the students as something that was of incredible art. Gatos fell in love with reading and realize in 6th grade that he wanted to be a writer. After reading his sister’s dairy and realizing that he was better than her and thus that started his dream of wanting to be an author and later on committing his biggest mistake. Gantos was not like every other kid on the path to becoming an author he had obstacles in which many people today would consider

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