Jack Da Ripper Essay

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Victim #1 Mary Ann Nichols found 31st of August 1888 Mary Ann Nichols was a forty – five year old woman short, dark complexion with brown eyes and hair with grey. Her mother and father Caroline and Edward Walker lived in London on Dean Street the 26th August 1845 Mary Ann’s birthdate. Marry Ann’s father provided for his family by being a locksmith. Later when Marry Ann became a young lady she married Williams Nichols, a printer machinist, and they had five children: Edward John, Percy George, Alice Esther, Eliza Sarah, and Henry Alfred. Mary Ann and William marriage came to an end shortly after the children. There were claims that William had an affair and Mary Ann was practicing prostitution, but Police reports state they departed for Mary Ann’s drunken habits. William took care of his wife by paying her five shillings a week until 1882, when he found out she was a prostitute. Mary Ann then became homeless except living off her prostitute earnings. She lived with her father it didn’t work out and she went back to the streets. Mary Ann was placed in the Lambeth, workhouse before her death with a job as a domestic servant in Wandsworth. Mary Ann was an alcoholic and she left the job two months later, stealing clothing worth three pounds ten shillings. At the time of her death she was living in a Whitechapel common lodging house in Spitalfields. Victim #2 Annie Chapman found 8th September, 1888 Annie Chapman was middle aged with a fair complexion, blues eyes with dark brown wavy hair, thick nose, and two missing teeth at the bottom. Annie Chapman was born to Eliza Ann Smith but she was the daughter of George Smith and Ruth Chapman. Annie parents married after her birthdate, on 22 February 1842. George Smith was a 2nd Regiment Life Guard and a soldier also. Later, Annie Chapman married her relative of her adopted mother John Chapman a coach, at All Saints

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