Jack analysis in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Jack Jack is one of the most important characters in the story. He first appears after Ralph blows the conch at the very beginning of the story and Golding describes him quite precisely there. Jack’s surname is Merridew. He’s the leader of his school choir, which one can see from the golden badge he wears. Golding describes him as a "tall, thin and bony" boy whose hair is red and whose eyes are blue. His face is "crumpled, freckled and ugly without silliness." Jack is one of the characters in the book who changes the most. In the beginning, Jack is in charge of hunting. There are lots of little pigs on the island, and Ralph tells him and his choir to kill some of them so that they can eat some meat. After he nearly catches his first pig, Jack doesn’t dare to kill lit. However, he manages to kill it the next time, and from now onwards, his personality gets stronger and harder. One of Jack’s characteristics is that he loves power, and this need of power takes on more and more importance in his mind. He now controls the pigs, but little by little this isn’t enough. He needs to govern people, and that’s why he ceases to agree with Jack and creates his own tribe, which he leads as a dictator. After being a hunter, he now becomes chief. To get the other boys’ support, he promises two things, namely having fun and eating meat. This shows his intelligence, because this is exactly what the boys need: fun to counteract the fear of the beast, and meat to avoid being hungry. However, his need of power often blinds his intelligence. For instance, he doesn’t realize that by setting the whole island on fire to eliminate the last element of opposition to his dictatorship - Ralph -, he’s committing suicide, as there won’t be any food more for them to eat. The opposition between Jack and Ralph can be noticed throughout the book. Whereas Ralph wants to be rescued as soon as

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