J. Robert Oppenheimer: How One Man Changed the World

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Holden Greenberg Mr. Friedrich APUSH March 23, 2013 J. Robert Oppenheimer: How One Man Changed the World Throughout American history, there have been certain decisive moments that have come to define an era. One of these moments was the creation of the atomic bomb. For 70 years, the nuclear bomb has been a driving force in shaping the America we see today. This incredibly destructive weapon, along with many other scientific discoveries would not have been possible without J. Robert Oppenheimer. J. Robert Oppenheimer helped to reshape our world with his many scientific achievements including his work on the Manhattan project along with his contributions to education. His work as leader of the Manhattan project helped to redefine warfare, and he is thought of as the founder of modern theoretical physics. Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born on April 22, 1904 in New York City (“J. Robert Oppenheimer” American History). His family was wealthy as his father, a German immigrant, was a successful textile importer, and his mother was a painter. (“J. Robert Oppenheimer” American History). He had a very good education and was considered a genius by many around him (Gladwell 97). He attended Harvard beginning in 1923, and graduated in just three years with high honors (“J. Robert Oppenheimer” American History). It was there that he decided to pursue atomic physics (“J. Robert Oppenheimer” American History). He then went to Cambridge for a Doctorate in physics (Gladwell 97). During this time, he went through depression and supposedly tried to poison his tutor, Nobel Prize winner Patrick Blackett, with some chemicals (Gladwell 97-98). He also studied at the University of Göttingen in Germany in 1927. Oppenheimer’s long list of influences began when he came back to the United States after studying in Europe and became a professor at Caltech and the University of
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