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Individual Writing Assignment (IWA1) Gerald Lin PROPOSAL 1C02 Where I got the story idea from: Listening to some music from both the start and end of past two decade (1990s and 2000s), and comparing them What the angle of the story is: The Evolution of Contemporary Top 40 Music from the Past Two Decades to the Current Decade (1990s till present) What information I will need to complete my story: - How Top 40 music sounded like at the start of the 1990s decade (Year 1990) - How Top 40 music sounded like at the start of the 2000s decade (Year 2000) How Top 40 music currently sounds (Year 2010, the start of the 2010s decade) - The opinion of the general public as well as my interviewees on music from the Years 1990, 2000 and 2010. - Ability to compare and analyse how these music are different and how and in what way it has evolved. - The cause, effects and consequences of the evolution Whom I must interview: (a) The person I must interview: Radio DJs, Typical Workers of Record Labels based in Singapore, but are aware of international music, as well as friends whom have essential and important information on the evolution of music of the above-mentioned period (b) The person whom it will be good to have interviewed: Friends or Acquaintances whom have heard music from the past decade until now Questions I will ask my interviewees: - In your honest opinion, do you feel that Contemporary Top 40 Music has evolved since the start of the past decade until today? - Having worked in this industry for such a long period of time, how do you feel so? - Do you think that it is good that music is constantly evolving and new genres or fusion genres are being created? If not, why?

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