Ivans Two Moms By Anna Quindlen Analysis

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We all have equal rights, some more so than others. Anna Quindlen a writer for the New York Times wrote an article titled “Evans Two Moms” which pertained to gay and lesbian rights over their heterosexual counterparts. Whether or not you believe in same sex marriages Quindlen allows you to feel some sort of sympathy toward their everyday struggles with judgment, prejudice, and stereotyping. In today’s society it has become more socially acceptable to be a gay man or a lesbian woman, but should elected officials in government offices allow gay couples to have the same rights as heterosexual couples? Quindlen believes gay couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Upon reading the article “Evans Two Moms” Quindlen referrers to a court ruling twenty-five years ago pertaining to black woman that married a white man but with out consequence. She is implying that maybe twenty-five years from now, they will be recognized as married legal couples that has survivor’s benefits from the government, will be able to file joint tax returns, and health insurance for their partner through their employer without any discrimination. Anna Quindlen gives numerous…show more content…
Regardless of how many times gay activists push for laws to be changed in my opinion morally it’s not right. Marriage is defined by God as one man and one woman in holy matrimony; therefore it should remain as is. This article may allow a heterosexual person from the outside to look in and understand what challenges gay and lesbian’s face on a daily basis. Although we have come a long way in this world, almost all of us have been faced with certain prejudices at one time or another, but life still goes
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