Itunes a Game Changer Essay

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iTunes a Game Changer In this paper I will show you how iTunes came to be the juggernaut it is today. I will also attempt to explain why iTunes has been so successful over the last decade. Then, I will discuss how iTunes changed the recording industry despite facing opposition from artists and labels. Lastly, I will discuss the future of iTunes and the recording industry. How iTunes became the Juggernaut The creation of iTunes and its popularity made a significant change in the recording industry. CD sales were already at an all-time low largely due to the emergence of peer to peer file sharing through applications such as Napster and other internet sources for illegal downloading of recorded media. As music became more accessible to consumers through the internet and record sales were at an all-time low, the entire music industry had to undergo changes in business to compensate for the way consumers were gaining access to music. Decade of iTunes iTunes was originally created in 2001 as a way to store and organize music from CDs for Apple products. It gained popularity, as it was easier to use than other music organizing programs. It also gained popularity with the gaining interests of Apple products such as the iMac and iPod. With iTunes one could take all the music from their collection of CDs and make a playlist of all your favorite songs from each of the CDs. iTunes creator, Steve Jobs, saw this as an opportunity to create something that not only Apple could benefit from, but also the record industry. iTunes was officially launched in April of 2003 as a way to legally purchase and download music (Harris). During the initial launch about 200,000 tracks were available for purchase at that time (Harris). iTunes began simply as a music organizer and has since evolved into its most recent version, iTunes 11, where there are over 15,000,000 songs

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