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WORKSHEET – UNIT 5 When answering the tasks here please refer to any experience you have had in the classroom, or experiences you have noted while observing another teacher, as either a student or onlooker. Task 1 –How can a teacher use his/her physical presence and voice in the classroom? Eye contact – Good eye contact is always a positive thing when necessary, it shows the students that they are involved in the classroom. It tells the students who turn it is to speak and when and you can use it to maintain discipline. However I have noticed that in Asian countries you don’t want to look someone in the eye but look at them. Gestures – The good use of gestures at least commonly understood gestures can be effective in managing the class; convey the meaning of the language, and to add visual interest. In my experience in Asia they find them as a great visual tool. Voice – Your voice is probably your biggest asset in class management in my experience. You can tell the whole class when things are going well or when they are doing bad. If need be you can acquire help from outsiders (depending on the age group) of the class. I know the first time I was in a kindergarten class the Asian teacher could see right away that I was going to need some help in controlling them. Task 2 – Is there a best seating arrangement for a class? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various seating plans? Orderly Rows – This is the most common type of seating arrangement and has been for many years in most schools. The teacher has a clear view of the students and all the students can see the teacher. It makes for an easy lecture and enables the teacher to maintain good eye control. This works best in a larger classroom of maybe 25 or more. Circles and horseshoes – Often used in smaller classes where the teachers position is less dominating and

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