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Server 221 Research paper 2 Windows Server 2008 provides a new feature called Global Names Zone. Global Names Zone is a single-label name resolution for networks that do not deploy WINS and where using DNS name suffixes to provide single-label name resolution. Windows Server 2008 also comes with a new type of domain controller A read-only domain controller (RODC). RODC hosts read-only partitions of the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) database. RODC also allows organizations to easily deploy a domain controller in locations where physical security cannot be guaranteed. DNS Server service can be installed on an RODC. When the DNS server is installed on an RODC, clients can query it for name resolution as they query any other DNS server. An RODC is able to replicate all application directory partitions that DNS uses which include Forest and Domain DNS zones. However, the DNS server on an RODC is read-only and therefore does not support client updates directly. Background zone loading loads zone data in the background while it restarts so that it can respond to requests for data from other zones. When the DNS server starts, it will enumerate all zones to be loaded, load root hints from files or AD DS storage, load all zones that are stored in files rather than in AD DS, begin responding to queries and remote procedure calls (RPCs), spawn one or more threads to load the zones that are stored in AD DS. DNS was modified to allow a domain name to be associated with a 128-bit IPv6 address. DNS servers van now return both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to specific queries weather its 32 bits long or 128 bits long which allows us to have a greater number of worldwide addresses. The DNS server resolves the queried domain name to an IPv4 or IPv6 by providing the addresses of DNS and WINS server used for both A and AAAA

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