Its Was Stormy Night Essay

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It was a stormy night. Thunder and lightning were here and there. The wind was howling giving me goose bumps. It was very cold, until I can hardly felt my feet . I am scared, I am hungry, I am tired, I am lost! There were so many rubber trees, I am confused which way I came from. And I this panic moment I think I can’t think right. I must find a place to shelter. I walked for a while and thank god I found wooden hut. I sat for a while thinking what should I do, and it was dark and raining! I should have listened to my friends and teacher not coming this way. Since its raining not much I can do, I have no choice but to wait until the skies clear, I was sitting staring blankly into the plantation when suddenly I heard a girl screaming, “ahhhhhhhhhhh’’. The sound comes not far from my hut. I thought my ears were playing trick on me, and at the same time, my imaginations goes wild. All the ghost stories that I have heard before movies I watch comes creeping into my mind. Was it the one tied on the head? Jumping, or was it with a zombie, or is it a beautiful long hair ghost? ‘’ I would love to meet that one,’’ I said to myself. But of course, I will not have that much courage, as to face a real ghost. Suddenly, I came back to my sense when once again I heard, someone screaming, and this time I am sure, it is real. Help! Help! I heard it clearly from my back side of the rubber plantation. Even though I am scared, but I wanted to help, so I brave myself, slowly walking towards the screaming. I was shock to see a girl being rape by gorilla-like person. I am confused, is that a human or an entity. The girl saw me and say ‘‘help, please help me, this thing is trying to rape me.’’ At the same time the thing is looking at me too with his burning watery eyes and hairy face with a gorilla nose, but it was human. At that moment, I am frozen. I feel like I can’t move nor

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