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Baseerah Watson 01/31/2012 Harrisburg Speech I have a question? Have you had enough with inequality? Crowd Responds* Have you had enough with inadequate funding? Crowd Responds* It is evident that the time has come in the era of public education for students from across this vast state, from all walks of life and respective backgrounds, to come together in solidarity against the budget cuts. These cuts have been detrimental to our futures and to our lives. My name is Baseerah Watson, I am a senior at Sayre High School in West Philadelphia, I am representing the Philadelphia Student Union and speaking on behalf of every student within the School District of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. I ask you today, Students, parents, and teachers, where has the love for equitable public education gone? Why have the rights that our forefather’s worked, bled, sweat, and fought for been taken away from us? Why are the people, who we’ve elected to represent us, failing to ensure that our voices are heard and that students are given equitable education? Regardless of the reasons why, the bottom line is that we do not agree with the decisions made to cut funding from public education. At my school, Sayre High school, there has been a tremendous effect on our school culture because of the budget cuts from the past budget Governor Corbett put forth. From our tumultuous hallways, to our lack of teachers, staff, and resources, my school is slowly going under. The void left in our hearts, minds, hallways, and classroom is going unfilled and disregarded. We are suffering from larger class sizes, a steady increase of inexperienced and unqualified teachers, and a steady decrease in school and extra- curricular activities. The devastating part of the past budget cuts is that the most effected victims of these injustices are the students. But

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