Its How You Do It Essay

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It’s HOW you do it There are many careers to choose from in our society. We have the right and the freedom to do what we want in life, how we do it is up to us. With standards raising and the economy going the way it is, we all know that getting a college degree is a requirement to get a job. As Jane Jacobs mentions in Credentialing vs. Educating ‘without it, as North American high school students are forever being warned, they will be doomed to a work life of “flipping hamburgers.”’ Just because someone is flipping burgers doesn’t mean that they are doomed and unsuccessful, if someone wants to flip burgers their whole life they should do it. People are choosing their careers based on fields with a promising job market and good pay. If you try your hardest, in any field you desire, you will be successful. In addition to trying your hardest be creative add something new to your field really to really get noticed. I believe success is not based on not what you do but how you do it. Jane Jacobs includes in her essay, teacher comments such as “They don’t want to spend four years on something then not get a job.”(165) Students need to stop being afraid of not getting a job and need to know if you focus and become the best at what you do no matter what it is you will succeed. Choose your career and use your college degree to help you get noticed and open up opportunity. Do not rely on your degree to get you a job but use it as your a stepping stone. Many professional athletes are drafted out of college but they are not picked to be a professional athlete because of their degree but because they are of the best athletes in the world. They are the perfect example that going to college is not what gets you a job. It’s dedication to what you love, putting in hard work and practicing everyday is key to success. To become the best in the world takes heart, to be a

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