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It’s Always Racist in Philadelphia The television show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia focuses on four self-centered friends who own an unsuccessful bar in Philadelphia. “The Gang” consists of twins, Dennis and Deandra, and their friends from high school: Charlie and Mac. Each episode depicts a controversial problem the gang tries to rectify in order to gain them social recognition or monetary success using humiliating, and often outrageous, tactics most individuals would find shameful. During the episode “The Gang Gets Racist,” Mac and Charlie try to prove they are not racist after an awkward encounter with Dee’s African American friend from acting class. This show contributes to the media’s socialization process through forms of prejudice and racial stereotyping of African…show more content…
By poking fun at the misconceptions the gang infers about African Americans, the audience is able to see how pre-existing ideas about race still influence our everyday interactions. Language, activities and interests, as well as social status are negative racial stereotypes displayed in the African American portrayal in the episode “The Gang Gets Racist.” The authors of The Real World: an Introduction to Sociology define stereotyping as: “judging others based on preconceived generalizations about groups or categories of people” (Ferris and Stein 114). In the show, black people use exaggerated slang, listen to hip hop music, and live in lower income neighborhoods. For example, Terrell, the main African American character and Dee’s friend from acting class in the episode “The Gang Gets Racist,” uses derogatory and “racially relevant” slang. While showcasing his skills as a bar promoter he states: “Everybody and their mommas gonna be there, you know what I’m sayin? . . . We got niggahs hanging from the rafters” (Day and

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