Itinerrary Scotland Essay

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Introduction Multi-national company organise five day conference. The delegates (100 senior managers and their partners) will be coming from USA , Europe and the UK . The company offer you to choose Scotland for our meeting . Further you will find description about our conference plan , famous place In Edinburgh , hotels offers, conference place and some information about banquet on the last night . Scotland Scotland is a country situated on the North on Great Britain and it’s a part of England. Scotland is bounded by the North Sea to the east, the Around The Scotland are around 790 beautiful islands full of nature and wildlife. Scotland is very beautiful and amazing place for your eyes. Here you can see wonderful mountains , valleys and unforgettable nature of wildlife , lakes , rivers or plants. Scotland is so compact you can try something new every day. Explore travel options around the country here. Also here you can find many shoppings centre which is suitable for everyone , you really find that you need. Also you are very welcome to visit our traditional restaurants , pubs and try our food and drink . City of Edinburgh Edinburgh the capital and second largest city in Scotland, is one of Europe's largest financial centres. I think this city is suitable for our meeting because: Edinburgh is full of various attraction , historical monuments and beautiful architectural buildings and castles . There are very friendly , helpful and nice people . Edinburgh is the business city , so there is many conference rooms which are meet your requirements. In your free time you spend really good and unforgettable time in Edinburgh. Accomodation We will suggesting you two the best and luxurious hotels in Edinburgh: 1. BALMORAL HOTEL 5* - is a luxury hotel in the true sense of the word. With its majestic clock tower, the hotel

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