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Italy Step 2: 1. 5 days. July 20th-25th, 2014. 2. Round trip: per person 1,704 US airways 3. Hotel: Starhotels Metropole. $175.46 per night, tax per night 17.55. total cost for 4 nights: $772.04 Step 3: 1. Breakfast restaurants: Caffè della Pace & Giardino dell'Uliveto 2.Dinner restaurants: Alfredo alla Scrofa. Menu link: fortunato al pantheon menu link: 3. Museum: National Roman Museum- Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, $35.08 per person. 4. Entertainment: Teatro Argentina or Sistina. Peter Pan The Musical $25.63 per person 5. Fun things to do: Ghost and mystery walking tour $30.46 per person. 6.Transportation: rental car, Renault twingo. $196 for 4 days. 7. Climate: 68 to 86 degrees in July. 8. History: It is so old, it is today known as 'the eternal city'. The Romans believed that their city was founded in the year 753 BC. Modern historians though believe it was the year 625 BC. Kings governed early Rome, but after only seven of them had ruled, the Romans took power over their own city and ruled themselves. Step 4: 1. Language: The official language is Italian, which is spoken by 94% of the population. Each region has its own dialect and other languages include Sardinian, Rhaetian, German and French. 2. Population: estimated 57,298,100 3. Capital of country: Rome 4. Flag: National anthem: 5. Map of Italy: 6. Government type: Multiparty Republic 7. GDP: Gross National Product; USD $1,134,800,000,000 (1993). Public Debt; USD $1,038,200,000,000 (1993). Imports; L 232,187,445,000,000 (1993). Exports; L 265,092,306,000,000 (1993). Tourism Receipts; USD $20,521,000,000 (1993). Balance of Trade; L 50,789,000,000,000 (1993). Economically Active Population; 22,621,800 or 40.6% of total population (1993).

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