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Australia’s External Relationships Introduction: As a whole, Australia trades with many countries in order to aid the demands of customers. Any good or service purchased overseas, is one where more than 50% of production took place overseas, whereas foreign ownership is any individual situated outside of Australia and has the best part of the ownership of the business. Imports are foreign made goods and services that are purchased by Australian households, businesses and government, the procedure of importing from foreign countries has many implications on the Australian economy as a whole as well as our living standards. Overseas versus Australian ownership and manufacture: 70% of the goods and services consumed by my household are owned or manufactured by an overseas country. There are many reasons as to which certain products were purchased by my household over others most of which come down to price & quality. As a result of smart marketing and a recurrence of advertising, Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner is purchased by my household, which is neither Australian Made nor owned, over substitutes in the market such as Australian Made & Owned Natures Organics Shampoo & Conditioner. Secondly, the reason why we purchase Colgate is because of both of its price and its ability to perform as well as having a great taste and quality, which in turn is cheaper to the substitute available in the market place such as Australian made and owned Macleans Toothpaste, furthermore resulting in brand loyalty to Colgate due to the amount of years we have used it. Effects of buying overseas goods and services: The unemployment rate will increase as consumers are purchasing goods and services from overseas it means they are not buying locally made products, Australian producers will notice this decline in demand for their products and respond by cutting unnecessary

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