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It590 Essay

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Final Project
Heidar Alshabany
IT 590
Kaplan University
July 29th, 2014

Table of Contents
Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technolgy 3
The Two Codes Differences 3
      Net Neutrality 3
      Intellectual Property 4
Case Study 5
Two Laws Related to Ethical Computing 6
      The Digital Millennium Copyright Act 6
      The Health Information Technology Act 7
Ethical Code of Information Technology in Different Cultures   8
References 10

Final Project
Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology
Net Neutrality
The core principle of net neutrality is that all traffic travelling across the internet should be treated the same at each stage of the process. This means that all types of data whether text, voice, or video from all sources should be given the same priority along the same routes (Ball, 2014). There are many arguments both in favour and against net neutrality with no clear right or wrong answer which has fuelled ethical debates. Some of the arguments favouring net neutrality include that it encourages innovation over the internet since technology companies have access to an open marketplace where consumer choice is the decisive factor without outside influence. Companies like Google, Amazon, and eBay have all flourished in this neutral environment (Crenshaw, n.d.). Another argument is the fear that telecommunications providers in a tiered structure will be able to censor content that they find objectionable or favour specific content based on its message. The internet until this point has remained largely uncensored and changing these settings may lead to violations of first amendment rights by telecommunications companies (Crenshaw, n.d.). On the other side, there are arguments against net neutrality made mostly by telecommunication companies. These companies argue that they are in the business of making a profit and a tiered internet structure will ensure they have return value from investment. Failure to obtain a...

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