It530-Unit5 Essay

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Assignment 5 Bryce Beasley January 27, 2015 IT530-01 Computer Networks Professor: Dr. Thomas Watts, PhD, CISSP Kaplan University Abstract Choosing between SIP and VoIP can be easy or difficult depending on your personal or business needs. This paper examines the differences between both, and it has a quick reference charts that are easy to comprehend. SIP is the superior option over VoIP because of its ability to transfer numerous types of multimedia communications such as chat, video, and more. VoIP will only transfer voice over a network connection. Both SIP and VoIP can either be used separately or together. Both options are favorable over a legacy PBX system. VoIP and SIP allow for communications by virtue of a network connection rather than a landline connection, this makes a big difference in today’s current consumer and business world. Unit 5 Assignment Introduction Session Initiation Protocol SIP is a protocol which empowers users to start and stop a connection by virtue of multimedia usage. A different way to interpret SIP is to break down each word – session initiation protocol – is simply a protocol which begins a communication session amongst users. The multimedia used in this protocol includes voice, virtual reality, chat, and gaming according to Rouse (2008). An application that is commonly used by SIP is Skype. The features in Skype allow users to start and stop calls, add additional users to a current call, disable or enable video during a call, and much more. Each user will have an address which identifies their current location, so a connection can be established. SIP and VoIP should not be confused with each other; both can be used together for voice communication, but they are different. Voice over IP VoIP is different than SIP because it is not a protocol; it is application that could be used with SIP to execute voice calls.

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