It500 Unit 1

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6/24/2014 Kaplan University Unit 1 Assignment IT500: Critical Concepts and Competencies for the IT Professional Wikipedia Appropriate: I have not found a good resource that mentions that they think Wikipedia is a good primary source for information. I did find a website called that evaluates people’s opinions about certain things. Those people who voted about Wikipedia, two-thirds voted that it was a reliable resource for information. These are only opinions by persons that participated in the debate. I also remember taking a class at Kaplan for my undergraduate program that the professor completely and totally told us that Wikipedia was a very viable site to get primary source information for his research papers. He encouraged us to use the website for information but also be aware of any vandalism that may be apparent in certain topics. Personally, I would only use Wikipedia as a pre-search tool for better information. Inappropriate: As Clay Burell said, I’ve been skimming Wikipedia’s own policies for writing and research, and Lo! The Great Wikipedia itself tells its writers the very things I was trying to tell my young fundies.” (2010) In most cases, most school, libraries or any type of educational program will tell you that Wikipedia is a very good start to get to know about the subject that a person is studying. As Wikipedia being very versatile in information, it is edited by anyone that has access to it and that it may give false information. The false information could be outdated, not written by an expert or someone just trying to add information that is false on purpose. Jimmy Wales and his creation: Co-founder and promoter of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia, which we are discussing if it is a reliable source or not. Jimmy had said in an interview with Newsweek after he was asked if students and researchers

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