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IT390: Project Management Module 8 Final Exam: Part II 1. Why do you think scheduling issues often cause more complexity on projects? Scheduling issues play a huge part in a project because it is the one thing that is used to keep the project on track. Everything in some way is controlled by a schedule. Milestones (significant points in a project) have to be set for certain periods to make sure the project has completed a good amount by a period of time in a schedule. If you know you need a prototype of a phone to rest mid-way through the project you are going to want that milestone set. Same goes for scope and budget. Your schedule can keep these from becoming an issue. Schedule can be used to help map out your budget and how much you want to use during given time periods. They also keep your project on track so you are always having your scope and sight. Schedule should be the first thing you done, then thing you check on the most, and help you get to the end of your project. 2. Explain the following schedule development tools and concepts: Gantt charts, critical path method, PERT and critical chain scheduling Gantt Charts- These is a form of bar chart developed by Henry Gant. They are used for project scheduling. They are used to show activates displayed against time. It shows you what the activates are, when they each are supposed to end and begin, how long they will each last in a schedule, where they will overlap, and the start and end date of the whole project. Critical path method- It is a mathematical based algorithm used for scheduling a set of project task and events. It is an important tool for PM. Any project that has interdependent activates can apply this method of scheduling. You list the activities and their relationship, create a start point, draw arrows from the start point to the first activity, order all

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