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It3160 Code Of Ethics Essay

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Information Technology Ethics Council of America, Inc.
Code of Ethics

Jeff Phelps
Kristina Odem
Steven Louissaint
Rick Molnar (Did Not Contribute)
IT3160 – Ethical and Human Side of Information Technology


A code of ethics is important for anyone in Information Technology. These ethics are used for business and online. These ethical standards create a safe, reliable and fair workplace for everyone.

Table of Contents

Abstract 2
Table of Contents 3
Introduction 4
Ownership of Information 4
Administrative (Business) Data Ownership 5
Data Custodians 5
Access to Business Data 6
Computerized Invasion of Privacy 7
Anonymity and Identity 8
Business Practices 9
Fairness Representation 10
Non-Malfeasance 11
Global Community 12
Democracy 12
Conclusion 13
References 14

The Information Technology Ethics Council of America (ITECA) expects each of its members to sustain a high level of commitment to ethical professional conduct.   This commitment will be identified in this code through the sections that follow.   The sections provided in this code include many, but not all aspects of ethics that any member of the organization may experience in their professional lifetime.  
Each section will discuss a particular topic and how it relates to ethical conduct, as well as its importance.   Each section will be followed by several rules of conduct that will pertain to their given section.   These rules will serve as the underlying code that each member is expected to uphold, whether in professional or volunteer situations.

Ownership of Information
As technology has continued to evolve, intellectual property rights and data ownership issues have become increasingly more important to all companies dealing with vital information such as; insurance companies, doctors’ offices, data collection organizations, banks, credit card companies, fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Individuals have the right...

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