It280 How to Replace Power Supply Essay

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How to replace the power supply In this section I will teach you step by step the sequential process of replacing a power supply. Remember to always have precaution and think safety when dealing with electronic components of any kind. So before we begin make sure the power supply is disconnected from the wall and also disconnect all external cables and place them in a proper place. Remember to always keep all items taken off from the computer in one place where they can be found for further use once the process is complete. Once the power supply cable is taken off and all other cables follow the steps below: 1. Un fasten all the screws from the rear of the case ( 4 screws from the power supply and 2 screws for the side of the case) 2. Slide out the side panel of the case that was loosened. 3. Disconnect all the connectors that are attached to the power supply that are intact to other components inside of the computer. 4. Remove the two connectors that connect to the motherboard. (be careful when taking off, take off with care never pull or yank wires or connectors off) 5. Next unscrew off completely the 4 screws that are on the back of the case that connect to power supply and slide out the power supply once unscrewed. 6. Before replacing the new power supply make sure the screw holes match the case screw holes and also make sure power supply fits appropriately. 7. Once that is done, simply slide new power supply where old power supplies was and slightly screw in the power supply onto the case. 8. Connect back all the connectors that were taken off from all the components and the motherboard. 9. Plug in the power cable and make sure it powers up before closing the case. (once it powers up correctly disconnect power cable.) 10. Close the case and screw it back on properly and tighten all screws tightly. 11. Connect

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