It244 Week 9 It Security Policy

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Associate Level Material Appendix B Information Security Policy Student Name: Mark McCarley UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX IT/244 INTRO TO IT SECURITY Instructor’s Name: Dr. Jimmie Flores Date: May 18, 2014 Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Introduction 1 3. Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.1. Key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.2. Disaster Recovery Test Plan 1 4. Physical Security Policy 1 4.1. Security of the facilities 1 4.1.1. Physical entry controls 1 4.1.2. Security offices, rooms and facilities 1 4.1.3. Isolated delivery and loading areas 2 4.2. Security of the information systems 2 4.2.1. Workplace protection 2 4.2.2. Unused ports and cabling 2 4.2.3. Network/server equipment 2 4.2.4. Equipment maintenance 2 4.2.5. Security of laptops/roaming equipment 2 5. Access Control Policy 2 6. Network Security Policy 3 7. References 3 1. Executive Summary Due in Week Nine: Write 3 to 4 paragraphs giving a bottom-line summary of the specific measurable goals and objectives of the security plan, which can be implemented to define optimal security architecture for the selected business scenario. The security plan for Bloom Design Group provides a comprehensive strategy for providing a safe and secure work environment for all personnel, risk assessment and mitigation procedures for information technology systems, disaster preparedness and recovery strategies for information resources and data stores. Further, this policy will implement security protocols such as new user name and password requirements, security door/badge requirements and new biometric authentication technology. The goals of this security plan are to increase security on all technology systems used by The Bloom Design Group while simultaneously being able to increase measurable productivity using new technology. In addition to information security, The Bloom

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