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It244 Appendix c Essay

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Appendix C


Student Name: Richard M. Kretz

University of Phoenix

IT/244 Intro to IT Security

Instructor’s Name: Kevin Swinson

Date: March 11, 2012


Due in Week One: Give an overview of the company and the security goals to be achieved.

1 Company overview

      Sunica Music and Movies is a local multimedia chain with four locations. Each store has been acting as its own entity and has been having difficult time coordinating sales and inventory between stores. There has been a loss in customers and revenue due to lack of communication and inventory management. Accounting lacks a centralized   plan and there is no Internet-based commerce. Implementation of a WAN to connect all the stores on one centralized database will keep inventory and ordering based on sales for each location manageable. All transactions should go through this centralized database eliminating errors from store to store, making accounting easy for the company as a whole.

2 Security policy overview

      Security policies that should be implemented are a Program-framework and system specific. The program-framework policy will make sure the system fits into the overall scope of the business and provide company-wide direction. System specific policies will provide everyone with purpose, scope, responsibility needed to have a secure system.

3 Security policy goals

      As applies to your selected scenario, explain how the confidentiality, integrity, and availability principles of information security will be addressed by the information security policy.

1 Confidentiality.

              Protect the companies financial transactions and all sensitive information form being stolen by unauthorized users. Any transactions between the stores and its customers will also be secure and prevent the company from being liable for loss of revenue or customer specific information.

2 Integrity....

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