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Current State of Mobile IP In recent years the use of a mobile IP has increased significantly. This is because of the advance that has been made in the technology and the availability of it which was not the case previously. It has proven to be advantageous in that the user is able to use it while moving around and isn't limited to one area therefore providing flexibility. The mobile IP also provides a seamless connection between networks and can be used by both wireless and wired networks. The mobile IP address creates a tunnel to a host server which allows an access point to the internet from any location a signal can be received (Demand Media, 199-2013). There are however disadvantages that go along with using a mobile IP and a major issue is security. The information that is been used on a mobile IP is more vulnerable to hackers than a wired network. There is also in some cases slower network speeds because of the number of people using the technology. Mobile IPs is found in most portable devices such as cell phones, laptops and tablets. These enable the user to perform some of the tasks that they would on a wired network while they are on the go. With this being the age of convenience I believe that mobile IPs will only increase in popularity. The cost of this service has decreased significantly and that has caused an increase in people getting mobile devices. Being able to perform tasks for work, school or simple entertainment while outside the home or office will always keep this technology in

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