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It240 Appendix F Essay

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Appendix F

Vocabulary Table

Define five of the key terms listed in the Vocabulary Table.

Term | Definition |
Windows | Innovative processing systems for the PC |
Processor | Protects the kernel-mode components. Processes information it gathers from programs and other files. Its four primary functions are fetch, decode, execute, and writeback. |
RAM | Random Access Memory is the place in the CPU where information currently being used (running) is stored. |
ROM | Read Only Memory is the area where information that can only be read and not altered is stored. This information is saved even when the computer is off. |
Drives | Programs that act as translators between a computer’s higher level programs and the device itself. |
Video systems | Frame-based or field based systems responsible for breaking up video images and transmitting the signal to the user to view in video format usually through frames or pixilation. |
Pointing devices | A user interface device such as a mouse, joystick, touchpad or touch screen that allows the user to input data using physical gestures such as point, click, and drag. |
Network card | Often referred to as NIC (network interface card); it is an expansion card installed in computer allowing the computer to physically connect to a LAN |
User mode | A less privileged processing mode that has no direct access to the hard drive and can only access its own address space |
Kernel mode | Has direct access to all hardware and memory including the user-mode address space for all processes |
I/O manager | Connects applications and system components with devices and defines the infrastructure that supports device drivers |
Process manager | A task managing tool that allows the user to view and control the processes taking place on his/her computer |
IPC manager | Manages the communication between clients and servers |
Power manager | Turns off the device or switches it to low power when...

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