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IT205 Week 4 Essay

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CheckPoint:   Monitoring Employees on Networks

I think email usage within an organization is beneficial to all parties within the company.   For many reasons can email be utilized; from communication within the company to communication to other companies.   It has become the tool to get info from one PC/MAC to another within seconds in most cases.   As far as the negative aspect of it, most companies worry that anything an employee sends out might be detrimental to the company in a whole.   Management in many firms fear that racist, sexually explicit, or other potentially offensive material accessed or traded by their employees could result in adverse publicity and even lawsuits for the firm. Even if the company is found not to be liable, responding to lawsuits could cost the company tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.   The path once an email leaves an organization is a very broad one.   It all depends on the receiver.   That receiver can then take the information sent to them and resend it out to others without proper permission or even knowledge of who in turn will receive it and what they can and will do with it.   It is sort of like a chain letter.   It can pass many, many eyes and hands.   The benefits and drawbacks of Web page and search engine usage also can be detrimental due to not knowing what is being searched on that company computer.   As far as managers monitoring employee email and usage, I think since I am thinking as a business, it is very much needed and I think employees should have no worries especially if they are not doing anything illegal or wrong.   There should be a time and place for everything and your personal things should be done on your time.   The negative effect of employee email management would be the wrong type of person doing the monitoring.   Who’s watching the watchers?   That is usually my question.   As with all information, even monitoring can be detrimental because abuse can be used towards people for no actual reason.   In my...

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