It113 Chapter 1 Essay

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Mary E Polkus IT113P (Saturday) Student # 18916627 The Bottom Line (chapter 1) Identify the key industry standard necessary to specify, install, and test network cabling. Ansi/Tia – 568-c * A maximum horizontal run length of 100 meters * A maximum operating frequencies: Category 3 – 16MHZ Category 5e - 100MHz Category 6 - 250MHz Category 6a - 55MH Master IT - What industry standards body and standards series Numbers do you need to reference for Ethernet Applications and cabling? The IEEE maintains the industry standards for Ethernet Protocols or applications. This is part of the 802.3 series of standards and includes applications such as 802.3 series of standards and includes applications such as 1000Base-T,1000Base-SX, 10GBase-T, and 10GBase-Sr. Understand the different types of unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cabling Category 1 – data rate up to 1Mbps - telephone and modems Category 2 - data rate up to 4 Mbps – token ring Category 3 – data rate up to 10Mbps – token ring and 10 base Category 4 – data rate up to 16Mbps – Token ring Category 5 – data rate up to 100Mbps- Ethernet Category 5e - data rate up to 1000Mbps –Gigabit Ethernet Category 6 – data rate up to 1000Mbps- gigabit Ethernet Master It – What are the different types of category 6 cable and what should be recommended for the network?

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