It'S Pouring Now But I'M Saving For A Rainy Day Essay

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It's Pouring Now but I'm saving for a Rainy Day The current state of the economy right now is hard in that there is high inflation and many people are literally trying hard to cope. Similarly, the cost of living is literally soaring high above the normal levels. This can be compared to the saying, “it is pouring now.” In fact when we refer to its pouring now, we are basically referring to an uncontrollable state of the economy which can only be described as being unprecedented. When something is pouring, most likely it cannot be controlled on the spot and usually takes time to bring it under control. This is the simile that describes the current state of the economy. There are many things that are happening right now in the economic circles, including, mortgage crisis, credit crunch, lack of bank lending among other pertinent issues. This is best described in the phrase by the term, “pouring now.” It is like saying that, “his temper is as hot as a volcano;” this is the description given to someone who cannot control his tempers and will usually cause a lot of harm when invoked, just like the volcano will. In this case, the simile, “it’s pouring now, but I’m saving for a rainy day.” The volatile economy is basically causing ripples in the market aria. The phrase, “it’s pouring now,” may well mean that the state of the economy currently is not one to behold. The phrase shows clearly that there is little that the populace or investors can do about the global financial crisis. However, there is hope that is expressed in the second part of the phrase, which basically says, “I’m saving for a rainy day.” This phrase relates specifically to the hardship that everyone is currently going through. Things may be tough with very little to spare, thus referring to the pouring. In

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