It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It Essay

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The year 2012 once again brings the United States of America to a presidential election. Incumbent President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are challenged by Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan in this year’s election. Just a few weeks ago, Paul Ryan gave a speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) that was held in Tampa, Florida, that emphasized his promise to assist Romney in keeping to the GOP’s “founding principles,” while also critiquing the Obama Administration. Although it is evident that the truthfulness of the information presented was a missing element in Ryan’s speech, the effectiveness of the speech’s rhetorical uses of pathos, ethos, and logos cannot be overlooked. As Ryan was introduced as Romney’s running mate just two weeks before the Republican National Convention took place, his main purpose of the speech was not only to familiarize himself to the American public, but to also make himself appear relatable to the general public. This was successfully done as he personally incorporated his own life stories about his family into the speech. Paul Ryan was born and raised in the town of Janesville, Wisconsin. He is currently serving his seventh term as a member of Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. Ryan continuously displays his strong beliefs of the importance of family when making his congressional decisions. Thus, it is no surprise that his use of pathos (emotional appeal) is the most effective use of rhetoric when speaking to his audience, as he incorporates his own personal examples into his speech multiple times. For example when speaking about the triumphs of small business owners and the “American Dream,” Ryan states: “My Mom started a small business, and I’ve seen what it takes. Mom was 50 when my Dad died. She got on a bus every weekday for years, and rode 40

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