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Jamie Jayson EN 106 M-R 1:00 Brandon Shaw January 28, 2015 It’s My Life My name is Jamie Jayson. I am a freshman in college at Mohawk Valley Community College. Pretty much everyone around me can see that I am here to do my job which is to study the field of Adolescence Education in Mathematics. Mostly everyone I know thinks that math is the worst thing in the world but not me. Math is my favorite subject. I am going to college because my goal is to become a respected professional math teacher in my future. My life is different but can seem very interesting. I was born and raised in Hamilton, New York until I was two in a medium sized home. The day I was born was January 30, 1996 at 2:24 in the morning. There were not any memories that I could remember because obviously, I was too young but I know about the ones my parents told me which were my first steps and my first words. My first word was “mama”. I call my mother “mama” still to this day. It just stuck with me. I was born into a family of seven. But we were not all living in the same house at once. It was just my parents and I at the time I was born. Then seven years later, my little sister arrived who is everything to me. She is my other half. I would do anything to protect her. I honestly, am very happy to be here and have the family that anyone would dream of. I would not change my family for the world. Well, after I lived in Hamilton for two years, we moved to Otselic, New York until I was like ten. There were quite a few memories I had living in Otselic. One includes, learning how to ride my bike. To be honest, I could not ride a bike until I was nine. I was extremely petrified that I was going to extremely injure myself, but after a while I realized that I was going to get scratches and bruises, which I did. But every time I fell, I got right back up and tried again and I stuck to this theory till

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