It's a Woman's World

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“It’s a Woman’s World” “It's a Woman’s World” by Eavan Boland is a poem that encourages women to look beyond the “sexist” rules of society, take charge and strive. As shown by Boland, women in our society are seen through a stable “lower than men” view. Boland's poem shows that woman are trapped, looked down upon, are seen as inferior to men. For many generations women have only been seen as housewives and even after time as passed, that is all they are seen as now. But one women in particular seems to stand out from all the others, the one who is trying to change and break away from all the pain and sexist rules. This woman as referred to in this poem is a “star-gazer” she is full of optimism and hope that she can change and show everyone that woman are far for capable to work in an office and not just cooking in the kitchen. In India, women don’t get very far in their education. Many stop school after the 10th possibly 11th grade to get married. Parents seek desirable husbands for their daughter and send her away to live with him and her in-laws’. Mothers start teaching their daughters at a young age how to cook, clean, and how their future husband should be taken care of. Once they are married they then take on the role of being a 24/7 housewife who does everything around the house while waiting on everyones hand and foot. The husbands then go finish college get a job and “bring home the money.” This a real life situation that is occurring everyday not only in India but also other parts of the world and my strongly believe that needs to change. I personally do not follow this “rule” because I want to have a great future with a career where I will be treated with respect by all including men. If I were to portray a “character” from Boland’s poem I would be the woman who is breaking out of the cycle and doing what she wants. Doing what she can to make her
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