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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Essay

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  • on November 7, 2012
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It was a dark and stormy night when there was a knock on the church door.   Sister June was cautious as she approached the door.   She was a frail woman in her late seventies.   Her thin and silver hair was wrapped tightly with a scarf.   As she gathered her warm housecoat around her she opened the door.   There stood a young girl who couldn’t have been a day over seventeen years.   Her hair was soaked with rain.   Though her face was also wet, Sister June knew by the sadness in the girl’s eyes that it wasn’t just from the rain.   Sister June asked the young girl what was the matter.   The girl was speechless, looking down at her feet, which were covered in blood.   Sister June invited the girl in, asked her name, and once again asked what the matter was.   The young girl shook her head as she looked down at her hands folded in front of her.   She replied, “They’re all dead.   Everyone.”   As Sister June put her hand over her mouth in horror, she asked “Who my dear, who is dead?”
Jane replied with “my family”, and held out a small photograph she had clutched in her hands with a young man and woman holding a baby girl and baby boy.   The babies appeared to be the same age and looked alike.   Sister Jane horrified by the news invited the young girl in and gave her a towel to dry herself off while she went to call the police.   Sister June came back o the young girl and saw that she was gone.   Sister June was looking everywhere in the church, but could not find her.   Sister June looked at the wooden floor and saw bloody footprints leading up to the tower where the bell hung.   She followed the bloody footprints up the stairs to the bell.   The door that leads to the bell was cracked open just enough to see the outline of the bell on the wooden floor.   Sister June opened the door slowly and walked in.   When she peered into the room she didn’t see the young girl.   It was as if the girl was a ghost in the night.   She continued searching and looked out the window of the bell tower to find...

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